Economic Policies and Inflationary Practices

Federal Reserve Admits Hiding Gold Swap Arrangements, GATA Says 


As you read this, we are buying barrels and barrels of oil from Saudi Arabia to feed our frenzy of oil consumption in this country. What’s going to happen when the Saudi’s tell us “We don’t want your green paper. Give us Gold or Silver, or NO oil.”? In essence we’re trying to trade something with no value for something with extreme value. The American Dollar is only worth something if the American economy is strong and backs the dollar. What good is an American Dollar, let alone a TRILLION American Dollars, if the Saudi’s aren’t able to use it in trade with other countries?

A Symbol of our Economic Strength, Whether Strong or Weak
A Symbol of our Economic Strength, Whether Strong or Weak

A Symbol of Saudi Arabia's Economic Strength: Not Too Weak
A Symbol of Saudi Arabia’s Economic Strength: Not Too Weak

What if the Saudi’s accept our money, like they are now, and then go to China to try to buy something? China says “We don’t accept American Dollars”. Then the Saudi’s come knocking on our door. Just like Johnny Depp and Al Pacino’s characters in Donnie Brasco, the Saudi’s are wondering why we gave them “fugazi” money.

In this case it’d be the same thing as when the strip club owner sells the fake diamonds to Al Pacino’s character. Al Pacino symbolizes the Saudi’s as the recipient of the fake goods and Johnny Depp symbolizes the Chinese, who tell the recipient that they got ripped off. Remember what happened in that famous scene? If you haven’t seen the movie, Johnny Depp’s character basically beats the pulp out of the strip club owner, forming an alliance between him and the organized crime connected character played by Pacino.

Finding Out He Was Caught Selling Fugazi Diamonds

Finding Out He Was Caught Selling Fugazi Diamonds


WE AMERICANS ARE THE STRIP CLUB OWNER SELLING FUGAZI MONEY. Do we think there won’t be consequences when all the games end?

Not a Comfortable Position to Be In

Not a Comfortable Position to Be In

That’s why in order to secure wealth you need to invest in something that’s always had and always will have value: precious metals like GOLD and SILVER!!!!

Are We about to See Hyper-Inflation of the American Dollar?

Let’s look at a couple of things briefly: the definition of inflation, the causes of inflation, and the effects of inflation.

Wikipedia states that: “In economics, inflation is a rise in the general level of prices of goods and services in an economy over a period of time. When the price level rises, each unit of currency buys fewer goods and services; consequently, inflation is also an erosion in the purchasing power of money – a loss of real value in the internal medium of exchange and unit of account in the economy.”

Hyper Inflation in Germany

Hyper Inflation in Germany

You may be wondering how, if there are only $100 in circulation, how can that change value, right? Well in our modern economic system, which is based off of fiat money and “legal tender”, the value of our dollar is in DIRECT PROPORTION to the amount that we have pumping through our country. Ever since we instituted the Federal Reserve 1913 and ended our gold standard in 1972, the countries money has lost value. The Federal Reserve has the exclusive rights to manufacture money and distribute it, AT INTEREST.

This means that if the Federal Reserve wants to host a dinner party for their employees and families, they can simply run the money printers and get whatever money they need to fund it. What effect does that type of action have on the local and global economies? Well for starters, if there are $100 in circulation and you go and print $100 in a day, what does that do to the value of the first $100? Each dollar is only worth $.50 now, unless it’s backed by a commodity like gold or silver. NOT ANYMORE PEOPLE!

We’re FUCKED! We borrow money from banks and individuals with HOPES of getting a profitable run in the coming years. We are expected to pay interest on the money we borrow, to make it worth the lenders effort. Where the FUCK does that interest money come from? Oh, that’s right, WE PRINT IT! Doesn’t anybody remember what happened in Germany after World War 1? Doesn’t anyone realize what’s happening right now in Zimbabwe?

HYPER-INFLATION is what’s going on

New as of 2008: The $500 Million ZimDollar note

New as of 2008: The $500 Million ZimDollar note

It is the systematized method to ENSLAVE us all while we have hopes and dreams of fancy sports cars, big homes, flat screen TVs, and other shit that has no real impact on our lives. While we slave away at school to get a job in order to pay for our living expenses, we get a sense of entitlement because we have earned our position in life and we are GOING somewhere.

This couldn’t be farther from the truth. While we work, the people at the top have ALTERIOR MOTIVES. They want us to be consumed in materialism so that we become pawns in their game, blind to their agenda: to enslave the human population and STRIP us of our individuality.

Here’s an exerpt from Wikipedia about the Rothschild banking family, considered one of the titan families that truly control the world and it’s events, and thus it’s people:

“The acclaimed poet and Fascist Mussolini sympathizer Ezra Pound; in his World War II radio propaganda broadcasts from Fascist Italy, openly named the Rothschilds as the masters of a clique of banking houses that caused the World Wars in order to profit from them and get countries in debt to the lending central banks, which Pound claimed the Rothschild interests owned and exercised control of a nation’s policy by having the power to issue the nation’s money.”

Do you know what’s interesting? The same families and people that owned the banks and profited in the historical times of hyperinflation are the ones running it today. It seems to make sense since our government now borrows trillions of dollars. TRILLIONS! There is no logical way for this money to be here, let alone have ANY value in the first place.


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