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DAMN SON! Man With An Exposed Handgun Backs Down North Carolina Cop!

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Know Your Rights

Know Your Rights


Headlines That Made Me Cringe Today

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pitbullBullet makers can’t keep up with demand

Dollar under scrutiny at G20 summit

Stimulus funds boost number of federal jobs

Large Dogs in Public Housing Are Now Endangered Species

It seems to me that we are moving towards a socialized union and moving away from being a global leader of soverignty. The US Dollar is losing clout, but that’s nothing new. We are losing so much faith in our economy and president that people are buying arms(guns) and bullets left and right, because they fear President Obama will severly restrict gun laws. What happened to the Second Amendment, the bill that protects a right to keep and bear arms from infringement by the federal government, including federal enclaves and Washington, D.C.

Taking our guns leaves us defenseless. Taking our dogs, which is the equivalent to a gun to many people in terms of self defense and protection of property, is essentially leaving many of us defenseless. Why on Earth would our Government choose to leave the citizens of this country defenseless when we are in the midst of multiple wars and while we are basically not on ANYONE’s good side in terms of global relations? If we sell all of our debt to China and Russia, what will stop them from invading? What would we do to protect ourselves if we NO global buying power, which means we can’t buy anything because no one will take our dollars and most of us are too stupid to invest in other currencies/commodities, no self dense measures because the government wants our guns and dogs?

I guess they’re setting us up to depend even MORE so on the government, which would explain why they expanded their government by 25,000 workers, using TAXPAYER bailout money! The same bailout money that indebted us even FURTHER is going towards expanding our own Government, a Government that can be targeted for blame by many educated economists and speculators. Now this Government, one which we essentially paid for using our soverignty, is trying to restrict our rights, rights which were established for us by those who established this country? What will happen when these Government employees run out of jobs and tasks? Will we lay them off and induce unemployment rates to increase, or will we continue to employ them using meaningless things such as the War of Drugs? Has anyone considered the affect on taxes to pay the cost of increasing our Government by 25,000 workers? This is like giving a booster shot to cancer.

Something doesn’t seem right. Something just isn’t adding up.