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What This Is

In Uncategorized on August 20, 2009 at 1:33 pm

This blog will soon be a host to concise, relevant, and pertinent information regarding politics and the world we live in today. By looking into the past and realizing it’s affect on the present, we have the ability to wake up from our industrialized coma and live in a better world tomorrow.

“When you believe things are one way, your mind can prevent you from seeing anything other than what you believe”


Topics will include:

  • Global Conspiracy for Power
  • Monetary Policies and Their Real Power
  • Ways in Which We Have Been Misled
  • Why Everything Must Be Scrutinized
  • What Our Founding Fathers Wanted
  • Fundamental Economics
  • Making Sense of What We All Have Suspected about the Powers that Be
  • Unveiling the Truth Behind the Scenes of Our Global Community

If you’re tired of the media slanting and misrepresenting issues, you can trust that this blog will specifically adhere to facts. Granted opinion will take precedent and you’ll see my viewpoints on everything, but that’s the point of a blog right?

If you feel anything in this blog is too bold  or a straight up false-hood, do your own research before you leave a taste-less comment.

WARNING: The contents of this blog will most likely go against your conventional knowledge. Keep in mind where you obtained this “knowledge” from. The pieces of the puzzle will quickly fall into place, allowing you to see the big picture without obscurity

The posts will be listed with headlines, summary and links, followed by my personal opinion of the matter relating to who benefits and how. Check back soon for the first few postsIlluminati