Why Are You So Dull?

The real show is ran from behind the scenes. The people in control realize the true potential of the human mind and that’s where they get their power. While they are sharpening their own abilities and tighting their grip on the world’s economy, they are simultaneously dulling down the common people, with the ultimate goal of dominating the global population. If you don’t believe this, then provide a plausible explanation for why it’s always the revolutionary people who are making a difference in the world get assassinated/go missing/lose their mind et cetera. A few pop culture references include Bob Marley, Tupac Shakur, Martin Luther King Jr., John F Kennedy, Abraham Lincoln, and the recently deceased King of Pop, Michael Jackson.

What’s the root reason for all of these un-forseen deaths? The people running the show started to feel their tightened vice-grip relax. As people start to think “radically”, they start to question things and “realize real lies”. These powerful warmongers have developed a global economy that is entirely depedent on paper currency. Instead of ruling a group of people within a certain country through political ideas, they would rather control the whole country’s currency while allowing their “fronts/puppets”, or politicians, to appear to run the show. The game they play is simple but it seems complex, since we’ve all been a pawn in their game and have been sufficiently dulled down by their tactics. Mayer Amschel Rothschild, the founding patriarch of the main family in charge of this domination, is quoted as saying “Give me control of a nation’s money and I care not who makes the laws.”

The bottom line is this: They control the only thing that is effectively interwoven into every aspect of every person’s life. That thing is MONEY. They hold a secretive monopoly on currency in just about every corner of the world. Curious as to how they do this? It’s accomplished with 3 things in place:

  • The first is called INTEREST
  • The second is called COMPARTMENTALIZATION
  • The third is called DECEPTION

Their formula for enslaving the unsuspecting do-gooder is as follows: Loan money out at interest. Control the money supply. Print more money. Loan new money to pay back old debts, at interest of course.

That’s it!!

By having a monopoly on the money supply, they can effectively enslave anyone who borrows money into a lifetime debt. If I loan you $100 with the agreement that you’ll pay me back $20 interest, you might take the offer. What if the only place to get money was from me? I tell you I’ll give you another $20 to pay the interest on the $100 loan, but it’s going to cost $10 interest. Think about this. Where does that extra money come from? With this system, you borrow money and THINK you’re paying back the money, when in actuality you’re escalating your debt and essentially dulling yourself down. You de-sensitize yourself and position yourself for future deception with minimal friction, just the way they want it!!!

Why do you think our economy is free-falling right now? We have built a nation based on credit while the people behind the scenes have been setting us up for government takeover. Our money is now solely valued based on how much is in circulation. My only problem with this is that the Federal Reserve, which is a privately owned and profitable institution, is the only “bank” that is allowed to print “legal tender”. They have never been audited, EVER! Without being audited, we have NO IDEA how much money is in circulation. Our only choice is to assume what they tell us is fact. Speaking as a matter of fact, as I’m writing this it’s the first day that the courts have said they will audit the Fed. It took almost 100 years to do this. Why?


 Check the What You Never Learned in History Class page for more details


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